Summer is the best time to go on vacations, like to Florida or any other state!  You can just hang out at home, go to pools, and make it worth it, because in three months you’re back in school.SUMMMMMER!!

The Oil Pipe Line

The Dakota Oil Pipe Line

Some people really want to build a oil pipe line because we can buy our own oil from our own country, but the American Indians have made marches in Washington D.C. and have said no to us building the oil pipe line right through their land.  They claim that it will leak and the oil will go in their water and it will kill them and they say that it will disturb their ancient burial grounds.  That is just like if they built an oil pipeline through Gettysburg, then in Gettysburg, it would destroy the field that the Civil War took place on.

Meet Caleb

This is caleb,and these are questions I asked him when I interviewed him!

First name: Caleb

Siblings: 3 Brothers

Hobbies: Ride bike

Something Special: Back flip on a tramp

Something exciting: Shot a gun

If he had a million dollars: Help family

One good thing he would do: Make peace

How Did Valentines Start??

 February has been a celebrated month of romance and  the Christian people would give flowers, candy, and gifts to the people they love. That holiday  is called Valentines Day. People say there are stories that Valentine’s Day may have helped Christians escape harsh Roman prisons.

Rogue One Star Wars

If you are a action movie person, you should go see Rogue One!  It is the best Star Wars movie, and it is in between the 3rd and 4th movie, they try to destroy the death star in this movie and in the 4th movie. This is one of the newest movies, even newer than Force Awakens. This is also the best, because more people have gone to the theater to see it than any Star Wars movie. I think that you should see this action packed movie.

What is Matter

Matter is everything! It can be a gas, solid, and liquid. A solid is a lot of particles packed together so tight that it makes it hard to the human hand. A liquid has particles in it, but not as tight as a solid. The particles in a liquid are bendable and there are less particles in a liquid then a solid. A gas has a lot less particles you can’t even see it, but if it is a toxic gas you will more likely to see it then it not be seen. Gas is everywhere! It is oxygen and carbon dioxide. Every time you take a step our move your arm or if you move anything you are moving gas


This is a liquid ID:50977319

imagesThis is gaspsa_world_cupThis is a solid


All About Lincoln


Hi! My name is Lincoln. I’m a fourth grader. I am a hockey fan as you can tell I LOVE hockey! I play it and I do street hockey. I have 3 brothers, 1 sister , 3 dogs. I use to have 2 cats and 1 guinea pig but they all passed away except our dogs. Our dogs come in all sizes small, medium and large. I am the youngest in my family. I’m 10 years old and my brothers are 11, 12, and 15. My sister is thirteen years old. My family are the kind of people that LOVE holidays. They put really scary stuff on for halloween and I mean SCARY.